Tiling bathrooms in Pembroke dock

We have been appointed with a task of tiling and plumbing of 3 bathrooms in Pembroke dock . Customer have bought this house recently and decided to renew all the bathrooms. New tiles,sanitary units and shower with aquaboard have been installed . All done to a strict schedule:)

Customer review:”Did the job well,very pleased, asked them to do another job for me.”

Roofing work in Pentelpoir, Tenby / Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire

Roofing in Pentelpoir, Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire, repairing defective roof timber work.
We have been called out to repair the roof that looked like is going to collapse any moment . The only thing that was holding a structure up was a very thin and unsubstantial for the roof load 3 inch nail nailed through the 5×1 inch ridge board. Not enough to hold the weight of concrete tiles. We have replaced the frame with a 8×3 inch timber to support and spread the loading of the roof equally. Then we have installed new rafters, renewed the felt and batten on both sides of the roof and re-tiled. Once we have completed the garage section of the roof customer was so happy that requested rest of the roof to be stripped and new felt and batten laid .
What can i say? If customer is happy, then I am happy.