Extension update and new kitchen with patio in Pembroke Dock

This job was meant to open up dark kitchen in this terraced house. We have removed old conservatory, opened up the wall to allocate new bifold patio doors. Whole kitchen has been insulated, rewired, new water supply was fed to the building. All was finished in a lovely kitchen from Howdens with real oak worktop, custom tile real bricks, wood effect tile flooring and a very pleasant decked patio for those sunset moments:)

New garage and porch extension in Pembroke

This project was intended to make more space in the porch utilizing lost space between the house and garage. We have changed the pitch of the roof, blocked up the dead end path between building, and revitalized everything. Massive improvement to the property and no more rain water running towards the house of the garage roof (old roof pitch was wrong way round towards the house). Much warmer, dry and safe plus a nice new home entrance and garage add to the value of this property now.

Barn restoration and double garage build in Cosheston, Pembrokeshire

Barn conversion into workshop and double garage with store room rebuilding in Cosheston.

We have taken on this project to save this stone building and make space for the classic cars that customer has . Old ruins have been removed and we have reused the stone to build the garage using stone, lime mortar, oak lintels and welsh slate. We think it worked out really well:)